Your house has electrics – its been a thing since the late 1800s in at least some cases. But I don’t say an awful lot about them in the report – why on earth not?

The first, and a very important part to note: I/We are not electricians, so we can simply describe what we see, and suggest what doesn’t look right, but we cannot certify that wiring is good or bad.

Any doubts, or items that don’t work – you need to get a registered electrician onto it.

In broad categories, here is what we can/have already tell/told you.


No, not amperage – this says that the wiring in your house is relatively recent – and should have been installed to current standards. Again, please note, this means there is a good probability that wiring meets all standards, but it does not mean that everything works correctly.

Older TPS

This one applies to slightly older wiring – it is still Thermo Plastic Sheath but it is the older type – slightly thinner wiring, earth cables not individually insulated. This wiring is generally still OK, but might well be fitted onto older hardware – plugs, switches etc – which might well be starting to wear by now.

Mixed TPS and older

Some houses have been partially rewired – some newer Thermo Plastic Sheath, and some older cable types – they could be Conduit, either wood, or steel, or they could be TRS – Tough Rubber Sheath.

Conduit has problems due to circuit loadings – it can get hot under high use.

TRS is coated in natural rubber – downside is, over time, this can perish – insulation can fall off, and bare wires can touch. Many insurance companies require this to be replaced – I talk more about your options here in the FAQ

New wiring, older mainboard

For a while there, we didn’t really click that many mainboards contain asbestos, so older wiring types might be replaced, but the mainboard remained intact – sometimes complete with old school fuses etc.

Fuses – hey, they work, but an MCB (Miniature circuit breaker) works much faster, and more reliably. It is generally recommended that both fuses, and ceramic bases be replaced.

Refer Electrical report

If I know an electrical report has been completed, you are better to read that than listen to much I have to say about electrical!

Recommend electrical report

Well, if I have written this, either I am way out of my depth, or there are a few things which look dodgy to me. If you see this – get an electrical report, it might be something silly – I see joins that are taped together, cable which is not up to par – connectors that are a little home grown – in these cases – better to take a professional opinion.


This one is nice and simple – All of the wiring I can see is TRS. Likely will need replacement.


Same as above, but conduit – normally found in older villas and bungalows.