In 2005 the industry, and committee codified the way we inspect houses.

The world was a little different. We were still rolling off the cusp of building leaky houses – we knew a little bit about what caused it, but building science was a bit of a loose term really.

Attitudes have changed more than the science of building though.

What has changed? Our expectations of privacy. Digital communications act. A few other bits and pieces. Technically, a building inspector who agrees to complete a building inspection on the back of a phone call is no longer in accordance with the standard, which requires a written letter of engagement.

We presume an exclusive fiduciary relationship is enacted – which often leads to cost to the customer with minimal follow-through benefit.

Then you get the report.

Building inspectors have been hammered with liability – our professional indemnity costs are astounding – so what do we do? Cover our bums!! We lose sight of an informed idea of risk, and instead turn to attempting to scare our customers off buying any house which isn’t practically new in every way!

My focus began to change a few years ago – first I began to tell people how to solve problems practically. Then It occurred to me, that there is a gaping hole – there is no comparable metric for houses.

In 2016 I entered the Gigatown startup fund contest – Gigstart. The idea was simple.

  1. Make building reports available from before the house hits the market.
  2. Further develop comparitive scoring metric.
  3. Do it in the cloud.

Hey, I didn’t win. But I did get into the finals. Hey, the funding would have helped, but I have had to do it the old fashioned way.

This release is the first steps towards what promises to be a system that helps homeowners buy better, renovate better, and do better from their home ownership.

The mission is to remove the stress of the unknown from the home buying process.

I hope you will be wiling, and even excited to join me on that mission.



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