67 Manapouri St Ravensbourne

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Miles Rapley is selling this quite remarkable house.

This report is a slight departure from our norm. It has been commissioned by the vendor to ensure open information is available to all prospective purchasors. That’s you!

Clicking below will get you:

  • Comprehensive Building Report
  • Overview video in 360 degrees
  • Accurate floor plans
  • Costings for window replacement
  • Alternative suggestions.

Note the price. There is no cost attached to this one. You are welcome to call me with questions, in depth discussions I will charge for – but value always exceeds cost – that is the promise.

The short version on this property – we know there is water coming in from the joinery. This is at least partially due to the poor head flashing detail. Given the vintage, other waterproofing in windows and doors is not likely to be great.

Flashings could be retrofitted, for minimal cost, but allowing for paint and repairs to damaged timber would still see a spend of around $20,000.

Replacing all joinery with new, but managing all carpentry as a DIY project would push the cost up to around $35,000.

More detailed costings on full replacement are available when you click through the (free) buy link.