I have been doing this for 10 years. A lot has changed in that time. But construction can be notoriously slow to embrace new ideas.

To start to change that, I’ll need your help.

  • I have seen house sales fall over because building inspections haven’t been done in time. I have seen people turn down good houses, because the report came at the eleventh hour, they let stress cost them a lot of time and money, for no result.
  • I have seen people get right into a house, only to have a better offer materialise on the last day. All the due diligence costs are then wasted.
  • Too many times I have seen multiple reports being completed on a single house.

The old business model needs messing with. 

In Australia, the politicians saw the problems above as enough of a problem to require building reports to be resold – leading to a rush to get in the door, and resell reports. To my mind, that represents a lot of take, and not a lot of give – First guy in the door gets a chance to print money, and the customers get to pay through the nose multiple times.

I believe in give – so I take the risk – Free building inspections cost me money – unless as I suspect, that having an objective building report available, cheaply, when you decide that a house deserves your attention, will be attractive to you.

I used to happily charge anywhere from $637 up to $1400 odd dollars under my old system – but…The building inspector can’t reliably fill 40 hours in a week. Work is either crazy busy, or crazy empty. There are a lot of hours spent that can’t be charged for.  Overhead is then high. There is a very real cap to what any time based consultant can reasonably charge.

Quite simply, my feeling is that by charging you less, I will make more on aggregate, if I get the pricing right – hey, I have a family, I have dreams to build other businesses which can positively impact the world, and I want to get ahead too.

Who is “I”?

Prosperbuild.com is the business face of Jonno Daley.

I have been providing building inspections based on NZS 4306:2005 since 2008, based firstly in Hamilton, and since 2010 in Dunedin.

Technicality Ltd, T/A Prosperbuild.com was incorporated in 2014.

In 1999 I began my work in construction, first as a hammerhand, then an apprentice, before undertaking Quantity Surveyor training, and work. I then branched out with my own renovations business. Since moving to Dunedin in 2010, I have studied towards a Bachelors in Physiology, earned a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Otago University. I also volunteer as a qualified swim teacher (great news if you have a leaky basement!).

I work around my beautiful wife Bronwyn, and 6 kids – but I focus on being available when you need me.  The major point of difference? Instead of just finding problems and making your head swim with everything that could go wrong, I take my experience as a renovator, property investor and Quantity Surveyor to give you solutions that fit your situation.

You get pragmatic advice, a written report that has what you need to know, not tons of bum covering. Some people have even described my reports as “Fun to read!” And hey, there is a standard issue bonus. I video every inspection – I talk to the camera, as if you were sitting on my hat. That explains, in context, what I think of the house, and possible remedies for the issues I identify.

I love the web and tech, but I am old school enough to be at my best when we meet in the flesh, or on the phone. Its the Human touch that I enjoy about this job, so give me call, and lets see what I can learn about you, and how I can best be of assistance to help you get the right property, and make it better.