Making stuff better

I apologise in advance, but without the benefit of a pure mathematics degree, I still find myself to be a bit of a numbers geek…

What you will see soon in reports, (more noticable if you become a regular consumer,) is I will be adding some new graphs.

These bad boys are going to help you to see, at a glance, a back of envelope maintenance budget/timeframe for the house, and will allow you to sort for investment ability in the first instance. The note on my whiteboard says “Asymptote“. The note on my brain screams “Pareto!”

Captain planet says “By our powers combined…”

Bear in mind, these have NOTHING to do with NZS4306:2005 – they are some extra value I have been working on – end goal, you will be able to subscribe, and compare houses I have inspected based on what matters to you. Instead of reading blurblurbluhdeblah, or braving motion sickness watching a video, you will be able to see a specific graph. Magic!

If that has you curious enough to want to yack about it, give me a bell, I love being able to get real live feedback! I promise any such calls will give you value in return.