Real Estate Agents

Hey, thanks for popping by. You work a hard job, not made any easier by people whinging about your profession, but then coming to rely on you. Working around your industry for 10 plus years, I have come to really appreciate Agents. You are special creatures, but half the people out there have no clue how hard you work to get results. How many unpaid trips to and fro, how many silly phone calls at stupid O’clock, lies, muckarounds, solving silly little problems that crop up, etc. I have seen you guys face these, and still put a smile on your face and carry on.

I want to make your life a little bit easier. How?

September 2016, I entered Gigstart – the business contest for funding from Gigatown Dunedin. The idea was simple – start producing reports before they are needed. Put them in a shop. Make them available from the first open home. The idea made the final 5, but not the final 3 that got funding. That is why it has taken me 2 years to get this to you.

In the regular world, If a purchasor wants to put a builders inspection clause on the offer they could:

  • wait 5 to 10 days for a standard building inspection.
  • pay up to $1000.00 (really good for the first home buyers cash reserves!)
  • get the report at the 11th hour.
  • panic
  • be gazumped
  • just walk away – too much competition.

What if I gave you the ability to offer your vendors a FREE building inspection from the day you sign a listing contract?

ItemOld PriceProsperbuild.comWait time
Inspection (earlier the better)$245.00FREE2 - 5 days
Discuss issues$200.00 (up to)FREEsame day
Provide written report for vendor (non transferable)$345.00$150.002 - 7 days
Written report for purchasor$630.00$300.0090 seconds

So the obvious questions!

Is this guy legit?

  • Carpentry apprenticeship – Naylor Love
  • Quantity surveyor – Naylor Love
  • Own carpentry businesses – 7 years
  • 10 years Inspecting
  • ~1000 reports
  • 99.6% fault identification
  • Still based on NZS 4306
  • Cares about setting reasonable expectations.
  • No problem without a workable solution

Well, Is the idea legit? Whats the catch?!

  • I get to sell reports multiple times
  • License to use info – not a fiduciary relationship
  • Contract out of the voluntary standard – NZS4306:2005
  • Will further utilise the data collected as time goes on – imagine it!
  • Doesn’t guarantee multiple inspections won’t happen.
  • Still takes me a working day or two to get the reports out after inspection, but we start earlier in the process!

What do I want you to do?

Easy – when you first sign an agency agreement, simply:

  1. Ask your vendor to commit to a free inspection .
  2. Suggest they order a LIM. (I will review this as a part of the free inspection)

I will provide you with some flyers to give out. This will minimise the interruptions to them, and trips for you – trusting that half price now, beats full price in a week.

They get a chance to fix any glaring faults, or disclose those to you for a no surprises sale process. 

If you want to chat about this, give me a call 0212440865, or contact on any of the channels below. I’ll admit, I’m a bit rubbish with email, but I do get there eventually.

Would love to talk, and as this is starting to work, I’ll even buy the coffee!