Playing with visualisation

There are a bunch of ways of visualising houses.

I like 360 Cameras – but the difference between 360 camera, and 3d is not insignificant. with a 360 Camera, you can see X and Y, but you cannot navigate the Z axis.

I also really like 3d laser scanning – there are some amazing things you can do, but economy matters – and one thing about good 3d scanners – they don’t come cheap!

Once again, I find myself playing with magicplan.

This is something of a test of that – behold, my office, with no textures or details, but a rough representation.

Have a play.


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Those of you who have talked to me on the phone will quickly realise – I make the lie of the old trope of a man needing to speak half the words in a day of a woman. My wife will gladly attest. Talking, I can do. Verbosity, I got that on lock!

That said, reports written with verbosity as the means of delivery, that gets old pretty quick.

A client said to me during the week – self examination is a sign you are on the right track. I am trying to work on this – to be a more efficient speaker and writer.

I’ll try and test that theory on you.