Relaunch – new model!

Hope st happened. A house I completed an inspection on. Its old, so a lot of people were scared.

My first customer purchased another house. I had discharged my responsiblity to her on the second house, so was free to provide information to 5 further people at grossly discounted rates.

Why not give everybody a discounted rate, and let the market decide what a house is worth, as long as everyone is informed?

For you?


For me?

The chance to change the way we do things – hopefully for the better.

Price quality illusion bothers me a bit – What I am doing is less than half the market rate. Does it still stack up?

Yes. In fact, nothing at all changes about the way I write my reports.  Just the price, and the fact that technicality ltd owns the report, and any and all comers can buy a license (non exclusive) to use that report.

If you aren’t convinced, give me a call. I am still a real human, with a world of construction experience I am generally all too happy to share.

I hope to be able to help you, for less than half the price you would expect to pay the old way.


By jonno

Residential housing expert who speaks fluent Builder, Quantity surveyor, Investor and Home Buyer.