261 Signal Hill Rd

$45.00 inc. GST


This isn’t your usual building inspection – It is the video of me attending an open home – if you are out of town, or can’t get through to get a look, here it is!

Link to Agency listing, LJ Hooker is here

Because of the fact it was an open home, commentary is limited against what I normally do.

For reference, I was interested on my own back. There are great options here, trim the trees to let more light into the front yard, tidy up the (slightly odd) house, or build a new house up the hill a little, or turn one of the sheds into a house, or accomodation…. (might need a resource consent depending on what you do)

Trick is, as a farm, there is limited space available due zoning.

But, and here is the magic – it contains the highest point on signal hill!

To attend open homes for out of town purchasors, I have charged up to $150.00. But the new model requires me to be cheaper!

If you buy this, watch it, and have more questions, I am more than happy to answer them, give me a bell.