2022100521 10 Sunninghurst Drive

$599.50 inc. GST



Leona Munro has 10 Sunninghurst drive listed, and we have an inspection that you can get, right here, right now for our discount rate.

This includes our unique 360 degree video – its like being taken on an expert tour, where you get to look in any direction – great for understanding a builders perspective, even better if you can’t get through the house in person.

On the terms of inspection, this is:
Non invasive visual report, Interior, Roof – Video only, External garage, Exterior – if we can safely get to it, it is reported on.

Once you click buy, a window immediately pops up with a link, and an email is sent to the email address you entered (that can take a couple of minutes, and sometimes they go to spam)
From there you can access the written report, which has links to the video. I always suggest you watch the video first – a picture is worth a thousand words.
I try and make sure everything I would want to know is covered, but if you need more help or info, there is a real live human (Me, Jonno!) available on the phone.